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20. June 1921 - 18. July 1994
Ex Yugoslavia

Radoslav Putar, Varaždin 20.7.1929 - Novi Marof 18.7.1994, is an eminent art historian, critic and curator, who through his own independent and solitary effort significantly directed Croatian culture towards acceptance of the language of contemporary visual arts. The social aspect of his work was also important, because he promoted the ideas of democracy and advocated dialogue, tolerance, freedom of expression and openness to other cultures. Today it is hard to imagine the extent to which his work was heroic, and can definitevely assert that his contribution to theory and practice provided one of the keystones of contemporary Croatian art and culture. Radoslav Putar was one of the founders of the international art movement and exhibition series Nove tendencije / The New Tendencies. He was a member of the art group Gorgona.
In 1998, his collection of essays entitled „Radoslav Putar, art criticism, studies and memorials 1950-1960“, was edited by Ljiljana Kolešnik and published by the Institute for the History of Art, Zagreb.
In 2002, The Institute for the Contemporary Art, Zagreb, in collaboration with the Foundation for Civil Society, New York and the Trust for Mutual Understanding, New York, established the Radoslav Putar Award for Young Visual Artists,