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29. November 1927
Ex Yugoslavia

Đuro Seder (Zagreb, 1927) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1951 in the class of Antun Mezdjic. In 1953 he completed a special course in painting under the painter Marino Tartaglia. In 1981 he became a docent, and in 1983, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. Seder was a member of Gorgona (1959-1966). During this period, he painted informel, non-figurative paintings, initially in vivid colors and later in monochrome. Since 1976 his paintings have been marked by expressive gesture and rich color. In the 1980s Seder became one of the pioneers of the New Image painting for Croatia. Between 1982 - 1990 his expressiveness was highlighted with vivid colors and dramatic figures, and since 1991, with thick layerings of color. In 1978 his collection of poetry was published under the title Father from the Pot. In 1986 Seder was awarded with the Vladimir Nazor Lifetime Achievement Award.