Tomislav Gotovac's influence on Vlado Martek

I believe Tomislav Gotovac is a huge gate to freedom, the artist to whose works young people have to be introduced to when they start to learn about art."

Although he was familiar with Gotovac work before, Martek met him in 1977. That year, as well as the year later, they performed together in the streets, in Siget passage1 and at the Student Centre yard as part of the activities of Working Group Podroom2. Martek was"enthusiastic about Gotovac" and recognized in him the artist who is, with his art, theory and appearance always consistent and ready to for total provocation,". That characteristic made Martek feel good” and provoked the sence of energy transmission.”

At the time Gotovac sold Student Magazine (student magazine) in the clothes of Superman3, Martek received a commision from Student Magzine to make agitation in the style of is previous agitations Read Kamov4, Read Majakovski5. Since he supported rebel spirit and alternative position of the magazine at that time, Martek accepted. While Gotovac, dressed like Superman ,sold the papers, Martek put agitation Read Student Magazine at the building walls of the main Zagreb square.

1 Siget – part of New zagreb

2 Working Group Podroom- informal group of about twenty artists who gathered in the period from 1978 to 1980 at 12 Mesnička Street where 35 exhibitions, different lectures and events took place. The magazine "First issue" was also published.

3 1981

4 Martek`s agitation from 1981

5 Martek`s agitation from 1978