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17. October 1950
Ex Yugoslavia

Balint Szombathy (Paćir, 1950) is an artist of nomadic and hybrid productions and tactical behaviors in the time of the late-socialist modernism, late-socialist and post-socialist postmodern and the current multi-cultural and transition globalism. Because of his origin (Vojvodina) and the area of his artistic activity, according to political criteria he is located at the boundaries of real socialism of the Warsaw Pact, Yugoslav self-management socialism and the liberal West. That, in the matter of life and art, enabled him to act as a nomadic subject between East and West in his main area.
As an artist he built a strategy of critique, subversion and even deconstruction of cultural and national canons and the expected role of art in societies in which he lived. His creativity is not directed towards the production of an art object, but has a goal of affirming the insufficiently known or creating new linguistic forms of visual art. A special chapter in this, by its essence, semiotic research, belongs to the critical artistic research of function and effects of signs in everyday life, culture and politics. His practice included a wide range of artistic activities, from visual poetry, through processual art, land art and performance up to conceptual art. It was carried out boldly in public spaces and vivid interaction with the audience of an ideologically saturated and conflict society, pointing to his obsessions, their inherent contradictions and inevitable collapse.