Josip Vaništa, spiritus movens of the Gorgona group, holds in his hands the Gorgona monograph, which he had waited 50 years to appear.
31. December 2017

The Gorgona group monograph, on 740 pages, reports on the activity of the members of the Gorgona group - Josip Vaništa (1924), Julije Knifer (1924-2004), Marijan Jevšovar (1922-1998), Đuro Seder (1927), Ivan Kožarić (1921), Miljenko Horvat (1935-2012), Radoslav Putar (1929-1994), Matko Meštrović (1933) and Dimitrije Bašičević (1921-1987).
The publication survey the collective work of the group, as well as the individual careers of these artists and art historians. 
The publication shows the connection of the group and their predecesors, their contemporaries, and the connections the group had with various imporant artists on the international scene - Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, Marcel Duchamp, Diether Roth, Henk Peeters.
Discrete at the time of its existence, Gorgona has been recognized, interpreted, and positioned today as one of the most important art phenomena.