"Gorgona monograph" on "Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri", Pula book fair
29/11 - 09/12/2018
29. November 2018

The "Gorgona" monograph will be at the 24th "Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri", Pula book fair. The monograph is nominated for the fair's "Libar za vajk" award.

The "Libar za vajk" award was established four years ago. It is awarded to publications which will, according to the opinion of some of the best Croatian librarians and the readers at the fair, stay in family libraries for generations. It would be kept, for its timeless qualities - "za vajk", forever. Connecting authors, publishers, librarians, and the public, the award promotes extraordinary publishing projects - those that are not stricly commercial, but non the less relevant.

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