date/timeDecember 2015
NEO DADA – GORGONA | Absurd Freedom, Marinko Sudac Collection
Exhibition announcement
05. December 2015

4. 2. 2016. – 11. 3. 2016.

Thalberg Gallery in collaboration with the Marinko Sudac Collection and the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde is organising an exhibition „NEO DADA – GORGONA / Absurd Freedom“.

Monuments Should Not Be Trusted, Nottingham Contemporary
Exhibition Announcement
01. December 2015

Featuring over 100 artworks, music videos, TV art commissions, and material culture from Yugoslavia between the early 1960s and mid 1980s, the exhibition showcases Yugoslav artists’ responses to the contradictions within the country’s unique "third way", self-managed socialism.